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Customized LMS

If you seek a versatile platform to educate, monitor, and support your learners effectively, our customized LMS is your ideal choice. It stands out with its adaptability affordability, and open-source nature. With our LMS, you can deploy and track various learning activities while benefiting from a suite of assessment and collaboration tools.

Manage course creation, enrollment, performance tracking, and foster learning communities - all within your own customized LMS platform, supported by our extensive LMS experience. We use a world-leading open-source LMS platform and actively contribute to its community, ensuring its continuous development as the leading open-source learning platform.

Why Partner with Everon for LMS?

Engage Your Learners

We craft computer, tablet and mobile-friendly, intuitive pathways within our customized LMS, ensuring that your learners remain engaged throughout the learning process, on any device.

Valuable Insights

With 30+ collective years of working, learning and teaching with LMS, we've accumulated extensive knowledge on crafting captivating learning experiences. We bring this expertise to your project.

Results-Centric Approach

We focus on delivering the outcomes that truly matter. Our comprehensive analysis of your organization's operations allows us to develop a learning management system that delivers the precise results you require.

Accessible For All Learners

Using a blend of the LMS's built-in accessibility tools and our commitment to accessible design standards, we help you create online courses accessible to all your learners.

Customized For Your Needs

We deploy the necessary technology to ensure your LMS aligns precisely with your requirements. Whether sourcing the best community-created plugins, deploying our own products, or creating bespoke plugins, our goal is to make the platform work exactly as you envision.

What Can Our Customized LMS Bring To Your Organization?

Unparalleled Versatility

Our customized LMS is incredibly flexible, allowing you to tailor your course management system to your exact needs, align with your brand guidelines, and enhance your course content. It adapts to you, not the other way around.

In-Depth Learner Monitoring

Gain valuable insights into learner progress. Identify those in need of support, track completed activities, and monitor course progression. Our LMS equips you with the insights required to nurture different types of learners.

Proactive Management

Leverage our customized LMS's powerful analytics to pinpoint learners at risk of failing a course. Take timely interventions to ensure their success.

Engage With Ease

With an easy-to-use learning management system tailored to your specific needs and user-focused design, learner and administrator engagement naturally thrives.  Gamification of learning experiences can be provided to engage young learners even more.

Seamless Integration

Streamline information access by integrating the LMS with your other systems. Connect seamlessly with Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, and other internal systems.

Any Device, Anywhere

Your learners and administrators can access your responsive LMS on their preferred devices. Additionally, a native app, provided for managed hosting customers, enables offline syncing, ensuring uninterrupted learning even without an internet connection.