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Gibbon Student Information Management System (SIMS)

Gibbon Student Information Management System (SIMS)

A school platform created by educators, for educators.

Everon uses Gibbon SIMS that offers practical solutions to the daily challenges faced by school administrators and teachers.  As a cost-effective and adaptable solution, it is extremely flexible and seamlessly adapts to cater to the diverse requirements of educational institutions.

Gibbon SIMS offers school-specific functions such as student profiling, reporting pro forma generating, attendance tracking and new student application intaking, perfectly complementing Everon's customized LMS.

Exploring Education's Future with Gibbon SIMS

Student Data Management

As a centralized hub for all student information, the Gibbon SIMS enables schools to efficiently record and manage student demographics, contact details, enrollment history, and even health records. This comprehensive database streamlines administrative processes, ensuring that up-to-date information is readily accessible to authorized personnel.

Generate Report Cards

Aligned specific to your school's branding and reporting requirements, reporting pro forma can be automatically generated for individual students or entire classes. These report pro forma can include grades, attendance records, teacher comments, and other relevant information.

Attendance Management

Automate attendance tracking and reduce the administrative burden on educators. The Gibbon SIMS offers tools for recording and monitoring student attendance efficiently. Early identification of attendance trends or irregularities can trigger timely interventions to improve student attendance and engagement.