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Who We Are

Who We Are

Empower learners through EduTech e-solutions

Everon Learning Solutions energizes businesses and educational institutes by creating e-learning solutions that are customized to their individual needs.

We build on the foundation of personalization, distinguishing us as the ultimate Learning & Skills Platform that encompasses upskilling, learning, communication, and collaborative knowledge sharing in a single, cohesive package.

Our Clients

Our Story

Everon Learning Solutions recognizes the LMS's potential to improve traditional learning environments is often overlooked, especially in the Asia Pacific region.  This includes many education institutes, as well as business and corporations spanning across all industries.   As each client's situation is unique, we strive to provide customized solutions, catering to the specific needs of the clients.

Everon Learning Solutions is the LMS division of CanGlory Education, with staff stationed in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Canada.  CanGlory Education is an EduTech start-up established in 2019, with offices in Beijing and Hong Kong SAR, China.