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Meet the Faces Behind Our Success

Jason Dorey

Learning Solutions Manager


Jason has a passion for teaching and learning, and brings this to his role of Learning Solutions Manager with Everon. A senior executive with 15+ years of experience in the international K-12 education sector. Jason has significant experience in teaching, learning and leadership. After receiving his MEd, Jason held the role of International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) Coordinator and concurrently served as Chair of the Northern China and Mongolia IB DP Coordinator Network. Jason then followed his passion for learning outside of the classroom to become the founding Managing Director of Matata Education, an experiential education provider offering service trips and week without walls programs to K-12 schools throughout Mainland China. With the onset of COVID and the temporary hiatus from travel, Jason sought a role to guide schools as they transitioned to the new reality of online learning. He accepted the role of founding Managing Director of CanGlory Education, an e-learning solutions provider operating across two continents. In February 2020, Jason led the integration of e-learning platforms in ten client schools as they scaled up from 30 students to over 3000 students within just thirty days. Jason believes in holistic education and is passionate about learning through a variety of mediums. He has a track record of innovation, high standards and developing the teaching and learning in all schools that he has worked with.

Tony Zhang

Tech Manager


Tony earned his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Technology from Hunan University of Science and Technology in 2010. Following his academic achievements, he immersed himself in the realm of Information Technology at Canadian International School of Beijing, where he served diligently for ten years. His role now at Everon has further enriched his professional journey, allowing him to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and contribute to the continued evolution of educational technology. Throughout both his tenure at Canadian International School of Beijing and his ongoing commitment with Everon, he has maintained a steadfast dedication to ensuring the highest standards of quality in technological implementations. This experience has not only deepened his technical expertise but also honed his ability to navigate the unique challenges within an educational context.

David Song

Client Success Manager


David is a seasoned professional with over 18 years of experience in strategic planning, media management, and online branding. David graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English from Taiyuan University of Technology in 2005. David's experience spans across several industries from media to gaming to education. Notably, he served as a Marketing Manager at Beijing City International School (BCIS) for three years, where his strategic use of media partnerships, online ads, and various activities led to exceeding marketing targets every school year. David's unique blend of skills, from strategic planning to copywriting, coupled with his extensive experience and deep knowledge of social media platforms, position him as an expert in his field. Through his career, he has consistently demonstrated a strong sense of customer service, setting him up for an outstanding Client Success Manager at Everon.

Plato Leung

Business Development Manager


Plato brings a bundle of experience to Everon, having worked in many different sectors including K-12 education, academic operations management, business development, advertising and scientific research. Plato graduated from the University of British Columbia in honours physics, and has a passion for operations and business development across different industries. Plato has laid career footprints in many parts of the world, including Shenzhen (China), Hong Kong SAR (China), Vancouver (Canada), Toronto (Canada), Ottawa (Canada) and Hannover (Germany). On an active day, Plato enjoys thai-boxing, kicking and punching the heavy sandbag with other like-minded enthusiasts. On a quiet day, Plato is an avid gamer who plays and appreciates different genres of video games.

Adam Harrold

Support Manager


As an Everon Support Manager, Adam believes that technology can transform learning and empower individuals and communities. His goal is to help others cultivate a positive and productive relationship with learning technology, approach it confidently, and ideally build and enhance human relationships wherever shared experiences might emerge. Adam has taught internationally for the past 20 plus years with the underlying goal of fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment.  In his free time, he enjoys sampling different international cuisine, spending time with his wife and kids, and reading on a range of different humanities-related topics.

Charlie Zhang

Software Solutions Developer


Charlie Zhang graduated from Hebei Transportation Vocational and Technical College in 2015. With a passion for computers, he pursued a career in software development through self-study and training. He has worked in various industries such as healthcare, education, and internet technology, and has rich experience in system development and full stack software technology. He is an excellent software development engineer. In daily life, he enjoys jogging along the city and traveling outdoors with family and friends, likes small animals and enjoys life.